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His name was Captain Jack and was rather miffed every time he discovered another impostor running around with his moniker.  He was fairly certain that he'd been around since long before any of these other Captains Jack were even old enough to walk.  He could remember things, people and places now long gone from this world.  His age is indeterminable as his beard and hair do not show gray but his face and eyes tell a much different story -- he is one who has seen many things, read much, heard more and experienced many emotions in his day.  One evening as he pondered his latest fiction novel, he stumbled across a forum for exchanging ideas in writing.  As is almost always the case, this particular forum was in a place where Captain Jack had been looking for other bits and bytes but because of his keen interest in writing fiction, the quite little harbor in a side cove of that vast ocean known as the Internet caught the Captain's attention and he beached his craft near a dock and began to ruminate.
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