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Help with Plot Climax


Help with a plot climax

Hi I'm Angela Castle, I write Romantic Paranormal - Si-Fi- and Fantasy (with erotic undertones) I am working on a Dragon erotic romance book at the moment. I would love some ideas on how to get my characters out of their current situation.

My baddie has poisoned the FMC and is forcing the MMC (my dragon) to go and find him the well of immortality, If he does not do it then the FMC will die. as he needs the water from this well to stop the poison.

problem is.
1. The dragon cannot shift into dragon from because of the drug the baddie has given him. So he as to rely on his strength.

2. They are in a very remote area (middle of nowhere)

3. The baddie has other baddies working for him with guns.

4. The well of immortality is hidden under a big mountain so a bit of digging may be required.

Things working for the dragon.
1. He still is a dragon
2. There are friends one dragon friend and a paranormal investigator searching for the two missing MC's (who could come in and save them.)

I am stuck as to where to go from here?  Suggestion would be great.
Angela Castle.


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