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Surrounded by Light (A Short Story by Lisa Stull)

Surrounded by Light
A Short Story by Lisa Stull

It had been three months since I first received the note; the note that would change my life. I was a witch. I had no idea such things even existed. More specifically, I was a sun witch, which meant that I had the ability to project light from my body, just like the sun. It doesn’t sound like such a fantastic trait until you learn what lurks in the dark. I found the note tightly wound around a case at the foot of my bed on my 21st birthday. The note was un-authored and I was unfamiliar with the handwriting. It read:


Inside this case is your destiny; do not refuse it or you will face grave consequences. You are a witch of the sun. Your talent will help us fight for the survival of mankind. By opening this case, the light will become one with you.

I was speechless. I sat there staring at the case, it appeared very old and held no clues as to whom it was sent by. I walked the case to my desk near the window so that I could examine it more closely. It was there that I felt it approaching; it was a sensation I had never experienced before. My entire body was shaking and pulsating and I felt drawn to the case. I struggled to lift my head up to look at the window. Hovering over the row of townhouses in front of mine was a dark cloud; and I could tell it was no ordinary storm cloud. The dark cloud was moving and reshaping itself closer and closer to my window. Without even thinking, I opened the case as fast as I could when I saw the dark cloud approaching my windowpane. The light inside the case was brilliant, it sparkled and seared my skin at first touch. I could tell the light was overtaking my body. Its raw power caused me to fall backward onto the floor. The light diminished and I could hear the dark cloud shrieking and retreating.

The light had done more than overtake my body; it had filled me with the history of the light and dark. The dark clouds were the dark witches that threatened to take over mankind; they were evil and ruthless. They would suck the light and soul out of every living being they touched until the earth was filled only with darkness and pure evil. Humanity’s only chance would be the witches of the sun. It was my destiny to seek them out and destroy them with the pure light that was filled within me.

It would only be a matter of time before I learned that the dark clouds were waiting for me around every corner. They would try to hide under the night’s dark security blanket, but I promise you this, I will find them and destroy them all.

~ The End

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