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Hi, and welcome to Writers Niche, Home of Aspiring Authors. We hope this community will evolve into a sort of Writer's Group, where people can post their writing, and other members will comment with suggestions and opinions. Once we have some more members, we can possibly have contests for the best stories among different genres. When your story is complete, you can submit it to the Memories Section if you like.
1. Join this community. You can't post unless you're a member.
2. Members are encouraged to fill out this survey:

1. Name
2. Age
3. What genre do you like to write? (i.e., fiction, mystery, etc.)
4. How did you find this community?

3. Be nice to others. Of course, you can critique some things negatively, but don't be a jerk about it, please. Don't say, "This story is utter rubbish," or mean things like that. Just say, "This story has its good points and bad points, and here's what I suggest ..." type thing.
4. No fighting. This community is not here for drama. We're here to improve as writers.
5. If your story contains adult language or sexual content or anything like that, please warn us in your post, before you begin your story. We want to keep all members happy, and we allow members of all ages.
6. Just use your common sense. Treat others the way you want to be treated, and don't discriminate or anything like that.
7. Have loads of fun! Learn, help others and enjoy!

Your moderators are
Feel free to come to them with any questions or concerns. To get to them as quickly as possible, you might want to comment in their personal journals, or comment to one of the entries or comment threads they started on this community.
Thanks for reading and stopping by, and we hope you enjoy your stay!
Caitlin and Dasha

A cool community all about perfect pitch. Join whether you have it or not, and just learn and talk about PP!

* If you would like to become one of our affiliates, that would be awesome. Your community doesn't have to be writing related at all, but it must be a clean community, and no rating communities please. To become an affiliate, comment in
personal journal or on one of her entries here, and she'll add your community and a brief description as soon as she can. If you are added as an affiliate, you MUST link to us,
in your Affiliates section. Thank you so much!